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Title:3rd Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications, and Signal Processing - http://www.allconferences.com/conferences/20040327040635/
Description:The topics of interest range from those of the physical layer to the application layer through all aspects of the protocols and processes required for the future Internet to operate better and the applications to utilise the full potential offered by the current and the emerging networking infrastructure. Previously unpublished contributions to the following technical areas, but not limited to, are solicited: Internet Traffic modelling Protocols Embedded Internet devices New and enhanced services Resource and information management Adaptive QoS provisioning End-to-end QoS Internet2 Wireless Networks Mobile ad hoc networking Personal area networking Convergence of different network types Broadband Wireless Access Vertical handovers IP and Mobility Home networking Network Security Security primitives and algorithms Security of wireless and distribution networks Programmable networks security Authentication and authorization Fixed networks Optical networks and switching Network architectures and equipment Programmable networks Access technologies Test-beds and trials Telecommunication technology Channel measurements and characterisation Coding and modulation techniques Modelling and simulation Spread Spectrum and CDMA systems OFDM technology Space-time coding Multimedia signal processing Streamed multimedia applications Algorithms and implementations Image and video processing Error concealment techniques
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