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Title:Generation Europe - Religion & Society - http://www.generation-europe.eu.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&sectionid=7&id=72&Itemid=39
Description:What do young people really think? For nearly five years now, Generation Europe SA has been collecting young peopleís views through surveys, opinion polls, discussion forums and workshops to find out what they think about issues ranging from the future of the workplace and work life balance to the environment and human rights. We launched Generation Europe SA in 2002 to provide a communication platform for young Europeans aged 19 to 29 to discuss and promote their opinions with public and corporate policy makers. We now have over 8000 registered users on our website interacting with each other and policy makers. Itís free to join and young people get the opportunity to influence public and corporate policy by communicating these opinions to the relevant stakeholders and defining their concerns and priorities.
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